Listening: with questions

If you’re a teacher, use these listening exercises in class instead of merely practising with some of those (often boring) standardized tests from previous years. Many exercises are based on TED talks, hence providing progressive thought and the latest updates in science and many other areas.

If you’re a student, use these interesting speeches and parts of documentaries to improve your listening skills on your own. Before you start, look up the words you don’t know ( Text is always provided, so you can choose to read while you listen, although the idea is to eventually be able to listen without reading.

For both teachers and students, the speeches and documentaries are usually longer than the exercise. If the exercise mentions that it will take 11 minutes, that means you will have answered all the questions after 11 minutes of video; however, the documentary or speech may last longer. If you really like what you’re seeing, I hope you’ll feel motivated to continue watching.

By clicking on the titles below you will go to the videos and the exercises. A soon as I have a considerable number of exercises available, I will start categorizing them.

1. TED talk: How to spot a liar (11 min.): Pamela Meyer tells us that we’re all liars and explains how to recognize lies.
2. TED talk: The art of asking (12 min.): Band member and artist Amanda Palmer is a couchsurfer and a crowdsurfer. She doesn’t make people pay, but asks them to.
3. TED talk: Gaming can make a better world (10 min.): Jane Mcgonigal is likely to convince you that online gaming can make the world a better place.


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