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Mick’s initial roles in education were as a qualified informal educator, working primarily in street-based settings with disadvantaged young people. The experience of managing a ground breaking, young peoples’ peer research project at the end of the 1990s, his role and practice recognised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Save the Children, ignited Mick’s desire for more learning. The completion of a master’s degree in Policy and Social studies in 2002 and subsequent lecturing posts in Higher education in the UK and Europe quenched the thirst somewhat for the rest of that decade.

Mick’s preoccupation with the social and political in tandem with a huge passion for travel has been lifelong. Mick witnessed an intensifying desire to rebuild a healthier, happier, more honest world in all of the several capital cities, spread across 5 of the world’s continents, in which he has lived and worked. Moreover, this desire for a life more humane appeared to exist in the twenty five other capitals he has so far only been able to visit. Mick’s first trip to Latin America in late 2004 was the catalyst for a permanent move to the continent some years later, English as a Foreign Language added to the subject areas in which he is qualified to teach and train in 2012. Since then Mick has practiced as both a formal and informal educator in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, the latter as a temporary resident for the last four years.

Personal pastimes for Mick include the spending of endless hours reading, wandering aimlessly on beaches and watching lots and lots of football, in particular Everton Fc, known as the ‘Peoples club’ in Liverpool, UK.

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Compassionate continuity…..a mentoring service for online learners.

Compassionate English recognizes the critical need at this time to help learners maintain continuity in their education, whatever and wherever they are learning online.*

Mentoring agreements, negotiated with learners and parents and guardians where appropriate, to include but are not limited to, the following activities: being there and supporting online learners, guidance, motivation, teaching and training in approaches and skills for learning online, coaching, monitoring, supervision and advocacy.

*Continuity will remain open until all concerned feel assured of a safe return to their/an educational setting.


A Compassionate blog…..a tool for the rebuilding of humanity

A series of fortnightly blogs will present realities of the world as it is today and suggestions as to how humanity can be rebuilt, a contribution to the current vibrancy for global change.


Compassionate IELTS…. a unique IELTS preparation course online

Compassionate English places students at the centre of learning processes, supporting the individual on their learning journey to IELTS success. Authentic, cross-cultural materials supplement recommended content to provide engaging, personalised learning experiences for smaller groups and individuals. A unique candidate mentoring scheme, including tutorials, is in place at Compassionate.

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