Compassionate continuity…..

A mentoring service for learners online.

  • Free initial consultation.

  • Qualified, experienced Online Learning mentors.

  • “Learning to learn online” approaches and skills.

  • Individual and group rates*


Compassionate IELTS…..

Unique IELTS preparation courses online for groups and individuals.

  • Outstanding, native English IELTS teachers, experienced in preparing candidates from across the world.

  • Maximum group size of 6

  • Exclusive candidate mentoring scheme.

  • Individual and group rates*


Compassionate blog…..

A series of fortnightly blogs


* Compassionate English rates are highly competitive. A wide range of factors are taken into consideration when fixing rates, such as students’ employment status, pay conditions in their localities, their learning needs and more. Accordingly, rates will be set during the initial consultation.